Three weeks traveling through the southern half of Japan. From Fukuoka to Tokyo, mainly with our own bus and the last track from Kyoto to Tokyo with the superfast Shinkansen train. I have enjoyed three weeks of Japanese culture and extreme politeness, the Shinto and Buddhist temples, the cherry blossom, the castles and especially the delicious food. A highlight in the trip was the homestay with a Japanese family. This family has shown what Japanese hospitality means. Another highlight was dolphin spotting. More than a hundred of them swam around the boat and so close that you could hear them breathe. Japan is one of the cleanest countries in Asia and one of the few countries where the Dutch can drink water from the tap without becoming ill. What I regretted about Japan was that you were not allowed to photograph the most beautiful things that were in palaces, temples and other buildings. More about this trip can be found via this link. (in Dutch)

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